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Tax Compliance For Individuals & Businesses 

In-house licensed CPA's, Tax Attorney's & Enrolled Agents.

Over 25 Years of Tax Experience. Serving the U.S. Expat Community for Over 15 Years.

There are several ways to maximize your tax position or to come clean with prior year compliance – whether you seek practical guidance so that you can reduce your tax liabilities or need more options, which can capitalize on current tax laws.

Our knowledge and expertise encompasses tax law, tax regulations and codes. We provide the confidentiality that only legal staff can give with the added benefit of U.S. accounting services from years with a Big-4 tax practice.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Consider Legal Tax and Federal Filing Implications When Your Residence or Business is in a Foreign Country or You Earn Foreign Sourced Income or Have Offshore Financial Assets.

If this applies to you then you need to plan your tax filings, compliance and disclosures carefully.

We provide a broad range of Expat Tax Law and Tax & Accounting Services for individuals, professionals and business owners who demand personal attention.

It Is Easier To Comply With U.S. Tax Laws By Using A Tax Attorney Who Has Expertise In U.S. Expat Tax Matters To Avoid Potential Problems & Expenses In The Event There Are Legal or Tax Complications. Non-Disclosure Can Lead To Potential Criminal Charges.


Our team of tax professionals offers expertise in all areas of tax law & tax accounting services. 

Do you have a U.S. Federal or State tax issue?

IRS problem resolution?

Need advice with overseas & U.S. business formations and tax structures?

Do you qualify for streamlined compliance procedures?

Estates & trusts?

Need help with CRYPTO Currency / BitCoin Disclosures & Planning? We can answer your questions and assist with filings.

Learn More Here or See Our List of Services

Your conversation with us is completely confidential.

We specialize in assisting U.S. Expats, U.S. Tax payers living and / or working in a foreign country and those earning foreign income or with offshore financial assets whether living in the U.S. or overseas.

We make sure that you are in compliance with current tax laws & regulations, help resolve issues with the IRS and get your taxes out on time. 

Summary of Services

Streamlined Voluntary Compliance Procedures

Tax & Legal Services

FBAR, FATCA & Voluntary Disclosure

Back Taxes - Late Filer


IRS Audits & Appeals


IRS Tax Penalty Relief

Individual Income Tax Planning


Estate Tax & Probate


U.S. Corporate Compliance


State & Local Taxes


Sales & Use Tax


Accounting Advisory Services


Tax Exempt Organizations

Practice Areas
  • Expat Federal & State Tax Returns – Individual, Corporate, Partnerships and Trusts

  • 1040, 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, 5471, Schedule B, Schedule E

  • 1040-NR Returns for Non-US Persons

  • Back Taxes, Penalties & IRS Tax Penalty Relief

  • Tax Accounting Services

  • FBAR / Form 114

  • FATCA Compliance – Form W8-BEN-E, W8-BEN, W8-IMY, W-9

  • Foreign Corporate / Partnership Reporting (Forms 5471, 5472, 8865, 8858, 926, 1120, 941)

  • U.S. Real Estate Investment

  • Social Security & Retirement Taxation

  • Tax Opinions / Memos

  • ITIN / W-7 Applications

  • Stock Option Planning

  • Expatriation - Relinquishing U.S. Citizenship

  • Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures. U.S. Domestic and Offshore

  • Cross-Border Tax Treaty Expertise

  • Domestic & Overseas Business Formations & Tax Structures

  • CRYPTO Currency, BitCoin - Tax Advice Planning and Disclosures of Unreported Gains

  • Trusts & Estates

  • Estate Planning

  • Asset Protection




Jason is our Managing Partner. Prior to founding TaxLawNow and Expat Tax Partners LLC, Jason was an Executive Tax Director with KPMG serving individuals and corporate clients throughout the world. 


Jason is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Purdue University, and holds a JD and MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. Jason also holds a Masters in Tax (MST) from Golden Gate University. Jason is a member of the Florida Bar, South Carolina Board of Accountancy, and is also a Florida licensed private investigator.

From his office in South Florida, Jason represents clients throughout the world, and travels internationally to meet with potential clients and to give seminars on US Tax issues. Jason has prepared and reviewed tens of thousands of individual, corporate, and partnership tax returns. During his career, he has been stationed in the United States and global markets including London, Zurich, and the Middle East, where he represented individuals and businesses in their US tax compliance and consulting needs.

Jason is both an experienced CPA and tax attorney who understands the importance of confidentiality and mitigating criminal exposure to clients. As a CPA and an attorney, Jay is able to bring together the unusual talents of understanding both the tax laws and their application and the financial impact to a client’s facts and circumstances. Jason believes that it is important that an expat tax adviser has been just that - an expat at some point in his / her career! 



U.S. EXPAT Tax Attorney & CPA





South Florida Offices:

Law Offices of Jason R. Kovan

4440 PGA Boulevard, Suite 600

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 

Contact us. Your information is kept completely confidential.
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